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  • Beaglebone AI BB black C Industrial WIRELESS Blue series development board

    Beaglebone AI BB black C Industrial WIRELESS Blue series development board

    Product introduction

    BEAGLEBONEBLACK is a low-cost, community-supported development platform for developers and hobbyists based on the ArmCortex-A8 processor. With just a USB cable, users can boot LINUX in 10 seconds and start development work in 5 minutes.

    BEAGLEBONE BLACK’s on-board FLASH DEBIAH GNULIUXTm for easy user evaluation and development, In addition to supporting many LINUX distributions and operating systems :[UNUN-TU, ANDROID, FEDORA]BEAGLEBONEBLACK can extend its functionality with a plug-in board called “CAPES”, which can be inserted into two 46-pin dual-row expansion bars of BEAGLEBONEBLACK. Extensible for example for VGA, LCD, motor control prototyping, battery power and other functions.

    Industrial automation control system


    BeagleBone Black Industrial meets the need for industrially rated single-board computers with an extended temperature range. The BeagleBone Black Industrial is also compatible with the original BeagleBone Black on software and Cape.

    BeagleBoneR Black industrial based on the Sitara AM3358 processor

    Sitara AM3358BZCZ100 1GHz,2000 MIPS ARM Cortex-A8

    32-bit RISC microprocessor

    Programmable real-time unit subsystem

    512MB DDR3L 800MHz SDRAM,4GB eMMC memory

    Operating temperature :-40°C to +85C

    The PS65217C PMIC is used to separate the LDO to provide power to the system

    SD/MMC connector for microSD cards