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    PCBA manufacturer in China
    China EMS Manufacturers
    Chinese PCB manufacturers
    PCBA manufacturer in China
    PCBA manufacturer in China
    China EMS Manufacturers

Shenzhen Xinda Chang Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2012, is a manufacturing company specializing in PCB SMD Assembly for electronic products, with a factory area of 7500m2.   Currently, the company has more than 300 employees. The SMT department has 5 brand new Samsung high-speed production lines and 1 Panasonic SMD line, including 5 new A5 printers+SM471+SM482 production lines, 2 new A5 printers+SM481 production lines, 4 AOI offline optical inspection machines, 1 dual-track online AOI optical inspection machine, 1 high-end brand new first-piece tester, and 3 JTR-1000D lead-free dual-track reflow soldering machines.


Company News

The daily production capacity is 9.6 million points/day, capable of mounting high-precision components such as 0402, 0201 and above, and various types of ......

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