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About Us


Shenzhen Xinda Chang Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2012, is a manufacturing company specializing in PCB SMD Assembly for electronic products, with a factory area of 7500m2.   Currently, the company has more than 300 employees.


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Floor area


Professional personnel

Company Information


The SMT department has 5 brand new Samsung high-speed production lines and 1 Panasonic SMD line, including 5 new A5 printers+SM471+SM482 production lines, 2 new A5 printers+SM481 production lines, 4 AOI offline optical inspection machines, 1 dual-track online AOI optical inspection machine, 1 high-end brand new first-piece tester, and 3 JTR-1000D lead-free dual-track reflow soldering machines.

The daily production capacity is 9.6 million points/day, capable of mounting high-precision components such as 0402, 0201 and above, and various types of motherboards with complex processes such as BGA, QFP, and QFN. In addition, the DIP department has two DIP lines and 2 lead-free Jingtuo wave soldering machines.

Business Advantage

Experienced team

Our team is composed of multi -PCB and senior practitioners in the PCBA industry. It has rich industry experience and technical strength and can provide professional technical support and solutions.

Perfect quality management

We have a complete set of comprehensive quality management system. From the entire process of raw material procurement to manufacturing, strict quality control is implemented to ensure that our product quality meets customer requirements.

Quick response capabilities

Through efficient management and production processes, we can quickly respond to customers' needs and provide fast sample production and mass production and production.

High cost -effective products

We adhere to the concept of customer value as the center, provide cost -effective products and services to ensure that customers get the greatest investment return.

Comprehensive technical support

We provide comprehensive technical support from product design to manufacturing to help customers meet different needs.

Service purpose

Our service purpose is to provide customer satisfaction as the goal, adhere to the spirit of professionalism, integrity, and innovation, and provide customers with high -quality products and satisfactory services.

Brand Origin

Our brand originated in 2012. In this year, our founding team was established, opening a journey full of dreams and adventures. At that time, we realized the prospects and market demand in the field of PCBA. After multi -party research and research, we decided to engage in PCB and PCBA manufacturing.

  • Brand name:

When conceiving the brand name, our team considers the essence of serving customers and decided to use "Best" as the brand name. XX means the concept of precise matching and excellent quality, which is also the core value we have always adhered to.

  • Brand growth:

In terms of raw material procurement, manufacturing and quality management, we always adhere to excellence and pursue high -quality PCB and PCBA products. On the way, we have been recognized and trustworthy of more and more customers, and the brand has gradually been passed down by customers. The XX brand is also continuously developing and growing, becoming a well -known PCBA manufacturing company.

  • Brand mission:

The mission of the BEST brand is to provide high -quality, high -reliability PCB and PCBA quality. By continuous innovation and excellent services, it creates the greatest value for customers and has become a partner for customers to trust.

  • Brand future:

In the future development, we will continue to carry forward the brand concept of "better PCBA, more comfortable service", and use the strength of technology and services to continuously improve the quality and performance of the product to meet the needs of customers' continuous changes and upgrades.

We are convinced that with the continuous development of technology and social progress, the BEST brand will occupy a leading position in the field of PCBA manufacturing.

Composition Of R & D Team Personnel


Our R & D team is composed of a group of engineers with rich experience and high education. They come from various fields and enjoy good reputation and reputation.

  • Technical ability of R & D team:

Our R & D team has excellent technical capabilities, proficient in various PCBA software and hardware technology, can design and create complex PCBAs to meet the needs of different customers.

  • R & D team innovation ability:

Our R & D team is well versed in industry developments, is good at thinking and innovation, continuously studying new technologies and new materials, and maintaining a leading position. At the same time, we also actively cooperate with customers in different industries to continuously improve and improve product quality from customer feedback.

  • R & D equipment and laboratory:

In the research and development and testing links, we have advanced experimental equipment and laboratories, which can monitor and evaluate the technical solution throughout the process to ensure that the final product meets quality standards.

  • R & D results:

Our R & D team has continued to explore and innovate, and has developed a number of high -quality PCBA products and technical solutions, becoming leaders in the field. At the same time, we also pay attention to the industrialization of technological achievements, and in the process of customer service, realize the business value of technology.

  • R & D direction:

In the future, our R & D team will continue to focus on the PCBA field, continue to develop and innovate, and improve the quality and performance of PCBA, in order to meet the needs of different industries and customers, and become the leaders and leaders of the research and development of the PCBA field.